For Daily Rent Enquiries & Bookings Call +91 9940486044 or +91 9025481911  

Royal Court Farm ECR Chennai Beach Villa / House - Terms & Conditions

Day / Daily Rent:  
Rs. 15,000 per day - CHECK IN - 10:30AM - CHECK OUT 9:30 AM 
IMPORTANT NOTE: The above price is for CHECK IN - 10:30 AM - CHECK OUT 9:30 AM. 
Back up generator available for use if required. Diesel charges are extra. 
Enquiries & Bookings Call +91 9940486044 or +919025481911. 

To hire the beach house for film shoots or for long term rent or corporate lease, please contact us. 

Terms & Conditions
1. Payment Terms:
Advance payment is required if you want to confirm your booking on specific dates. Advance payment can be made into an ICICI bank a/c via a local branch or ONLINE. If you want to pay to an ICICI bank account, please email us for account details. You must also specify the dates you want to rent the beach house. 

2. Arrival & Departure: 
For details on Check-in time and Check-out time, please call +91 9940486044 or +91 9025481911. Please ensure you make full payment prior to arrival or on arrival. 

3. Luggage & Belongings: 
We will not accept any responsibility for loss or damage to personal property whatsoever. 

4. Personal Safety:  
The sea is always known for its ability to outwit the smartest and best swimmers in the world. Please take care when you are playing at the sea shore and water. We do not accept any responsibility for injury or loss of life.  
Also note that the floor can be very slippery when wet. 
We also do not accept any responsibility for injury caused while you are in our property. 
Please ensure that children are all the time under adult supervision while near the sea, in the beach house and on the terrace. 

5. Royal Court ECR Beach House: 
This is our home that we use regularly. Please use it responsibly, and as much as possible, kindly consider the environment. 
Kindly refrain from smoking inside the house. 
Please use the shower outside for washing off sand before entering the guest house hall / bedrooms. 
The kitchen is provided with microwave and gas for heating food only. Should you wish to cook food, please ask the manager for advice. We have cooking facilities for families and small parties / get-togethers available just adjacent to the beach house. 
Please use bins provided for litter. 

6. Damages
Any damage to property or items within the property should be paid for in full including repairs and labour charges. 

7. Respectable Behaviour: 
Kindly avoid bad behaviour and bad language. Our neighbourhood is quiet and peaceful and we would prefer to keep it that way. Our staff also deserve respect and consideration.  
Should there be any shortcoming, please bring it to our attention (preferably during the day). 

8. Swimming Pool Rules: 
Your safety is paramount. Therefore, ensure you can look after yourself and any children in your care. 
- No children under 16 are allowed in the swimming pool without a supervising adult. 
- Strictly no diving. The pool in not deep enough and therefore, you are likely to hurt yourself. 
- Wear suitable swim wear. Normal clothing / fabric can clog up the recycling motor. 
- Shower before entering the pool. We have a shower behind the pool. 
- No glass or breakable bottles near the pool area, please, for obvious reasons. 
- Pool lights will be switched off at 10:00PM 

9. Noise & Loud Music: 
Being noisy or playing loud music is STRICTLY NOT ALLOWED after 10:00 PM deadline. PLEASE CONSIDER THE OUR NEIGHBOURS AND LOCAL VILLAGERS (the fishermen) WHO START WORK AT 4:30AM. We want you to have a good time, but that is without affecting anyone else. 

10. PAN or AADHAR Card Copy: 
At the time of booking, we require the main contact persons PAN card copy or AADHAR card copy to be emailed to us. This is purely for security reasons. 
Why stay at our beach guest house ? 
 - Best rates for week day and week ends 
 - Superb view of the sea 
 - Clean Private Swimming Pool & Cascade 
 - Back up generator available for use if required 
 - Calming and relaxing environment 
 - Corporates welcome 
 - Family friendly 
 - BBQ facility with BBQ Menu 
 - Close to all amenities 
 - Only 35km from Chennai city central. 
 - Takes just 1 hour from Chennai city central. 
 - Excellent value for money