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BBQ Tips - ECR Kovalam Beach Villa with Private Swimming Pool for Rent - ECR Beach House

Food & BBQ Facilities

Beach Farm House - Ideal for Get-togethers, Corporate Events, BBQ's & Family Outing !!

We have facilities for a do it yourself BBQ (see BBQ Tips below).
Alternatively, we can give you the telephone numbers of a local caterers who can arrange food of your choice.  

There are a number of take away restaurants and biriyani places on ECR. You can buy or bring your own food.

BBQ Tips

We want you to really enjoy your stay and experience some good BBQ food and atmosphere at our beach house.

Preparing the barbecue:

When lighting the barbecue first build up the charcoal in a pyramid shape. Basic primitive fires were always built in the pyramid shape so the fire burns well and evenly.

Now light the coal using a little lighter fuel. But remember if you use paper you may find ash flying all over with the sea breeze. Once your pyramid shaped heap of charcoal is lit and burning well, leave for twenty to thirty minutes for the flame to die down and the charcoal has turned white.

You can now spread the charcoal more evenly around the barbecue rack using a barbecue tool. (Not a good idea to use your hand as the coal will be really hot hot hot). 
Be patient... 
The biggest mistake is to start cooking before the charcoal is ready. If your barbecue party starts at 7.00, light the barbecue at 6.30.  
The barbecue is now ready for you to place the food (veg, meat or fish) on the grill.

Note: Always wait for the flames to die down. If there is flame then your food will burn and char which is not good and the food will taste burnt. The idea is to cook the food in the heat from the charcoal. Space out the food on the grill so you can move food around if it starts to burn.

Direct cooking method:

Once the food is placed on the grill over the hot charcoal, you will have to turn the food several times to avoid burning and charring. Try to do this with tongs rather than a fork. The fork will pierce the meat and allow juices to drip onto the charcoal and encourage flames.  
When the food is cooked, it is best to serve it hot straight from the BBQ. You can also keep it warm by using a small area of the barbecue grill covered with a double layer of aluminium foil. Place the cooked food on to the foil to keep warm and this will help to stop burning. But remember, not to add the foil until you need it.

Heat Control Tips:

Charcoal on the barbecue which is left in a pyramid shape will produce a hot barbecue. Spread the charcoal a little to produce a medium heat. 
Don't cover the whole base of the barbecue with charcoal. Leave some space for a cooler section so you can move food around. 
If you need to add more charcoal place it around the edge. 
The most problems with flames and flare ups are caused by food with a high fat content. Move these foods to the cooler section until the flames subside.

What you need for a successful BBQ at our beach house::

1. Charcoal - You can buy charcoal on East Coast Road on the way to the beach house or you can ask the caretaker to arrange this at the time of booking the house.
2. Marinated food - You can bring this pre-done when you arrive or do the marinade when you are there. BBQ food tastes better if it is marinated for at least an hour. This is purely to your taste and choice. You can look on some web site for recipes or do your own style. Importantly, don't make the marinade watery.

(When we are there, we just buy fresh fish from the local market and clean, use turmeric, chilli powder and salt to put on the BBQ. Simple but very tasty. Note: You may not always find fresh fish in the local market). 

3. Good company - Come with family and friends. Nothing like having a bbq with good company. 

4. Cold beer - This is optional. Cold beer and BBQ = BBQ heaven !! 
I hope the above information is useful and you enjoy your stay and have a great BBQ.  

Disclaimer: The information above are just tips and not guidelines.